Retro fun OR Muscle memory FTW!!

So although I’m motivated to play by achievements / trophies, I do harbour many fond memories of retro consoles.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been given bits and pieces of consoles over the last few years so today, when putting the Christmas decs away, I dragged the bags of these odds and sods out.


I didn’t have the correct video connection for the Saturn but the Master System and Mega Drive were in full working order!

WP_20150103_008WP_20150103_006 WP_20150103_002

So, observations:

  • Blowing on 20 year old cartridges still gets them working!
  • Tuning your TV to the correct channel provides on odd sense of achievement
  • FIFA 95 is hilarious! The tackle sound is class (OOOOOFFF!)
  • I don’t remember my thumbs hurting quite so much all those years ago
  • Hard Driving is still awful.
  • Castle Of Illusion is still awesome.
  • Muscle memory functions after YEARS!

The best game of all time is:


Seriously, Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Pure wonderfulness.

However. I have now placed all back in the bags, back in the roof space and I probably won’t play them again for years. Unless I sell them. Seems some are worth good money even without boxes. I’d never even heard of Sunset Riders!

But then who am I kidding. I can’t bring myself to part with these. Even if they don’t see the light of day again for a long, long time.

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