Small Victories OR At Bloody Last!

Whirlwind Wizard.

As of 15:15 yesterday, this became my most recent small victory. I’d been trying concertedly for a couple of weeks and it was driving me up the wall but at 15:15 yesterday, I did it!

Now it is small victory. It’s just one of 96 trophies in the PS Vita version of the rather cracking Pinball Arcade.


The Pinball Arcade games have 3 levels of trophies for each table. The first (High 5) is for getting a score on the board. The second (Master) is for completing 5 ‘easy’ challenges. The final (Master) is for completing 5 harder challenges, only available once the Master level has been attained.

I have a real soft spot for pinball games, I have Pinball arcade on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. I have Zen Pinball. I have Zen Pinball 2 on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. I have Pinball FX2 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I also have it on my laptop. I have Zen Pinball HD on Android and Pinball Dreams 3D via Steam. More often than not I love them all.

At times I hate them all too.

Pinball games are unfair. Just as you’re about to hit that final challenge to get a trophy, a bounce takes the ball down an out ramp. Or the ball bounces at such a speed you have no way to getting to it. Or maybe it just creeps between flippers as you frantically try to bump it towards one without tilting the table. But that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?

Trophies and Achievements

As long as both trophies and achievements have been available, I’ve been a huge fan of them. I’m not an absolute die hard hunter of them like many, but I do like the sense of victory some can give. I use 2 sites in the main for tracking these. TrueTrophies for PS trophy tracking and TrueAchievements for Xbox achievement tracking. I’ve not found any site does what they do so well since Raptr decided to stop console tracking. I’ve tried Playfire and MetaGamerScore and of two, MetaGamerScore is my preferred site. But the ‘True’ sites linked above are excellent for walkthroughs, tips and forums. If you’ve not used these and would like to, please sign up using those links (or by going direct). I don’t get anything other than a tally of those referred if you do use the links, but I know how irritating referral links can sometimes be!

What was your last game related small victory?

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